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Humanity's 300 year self-terminating experiment with industrialism

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What we do to enable our existence

simultaneously undermines our existence...

Our enormous and ever-increasing utilization of NNRs (nonrenewable natural resources) – the finite and non-replenishing fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals that enable our industrial existence – is causing: 


  • Increasingly pervasive global NNR scarcity, which is causing

  • Faltering global human prosperity, which is causing

  • Increasing global political instability, economic fragility, and societal unrest.


This scenario will intensify during the coming decades and culminate in humanity’s permanent global societal collapse, almost certainly by the year 2050.

Sound inconceivable? Read "Blip", then decide…

Since 2005, Chris Clugston has conducted extensive research into human “sustainability”, with a focus on NNR scarcity. His goal has been to articulate and quantify the causes, implications, and con­sequences associated with industrial humanity’s “predicament” – our self-inflicted, self-terminating human/Earth relationship. Clugston’s previous work includes “Scarcity – Humanity’s Final Chapter?”, the definitive resource pertaining to NNR scarcity.

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